Unconventional Beauty

by Subtle People

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Completed in late 2015, this album narrates the underlying form of shifting weather and the beautifully different forms which bodies of water can take on while crossing landscape and time.


released October 10, 2015

All songs by Subtle People



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Subtle People Colorado

Subtle People: a music act with multi-instrumentalist composer Justin Gracer as primary contributor. Currently writing and recording, with sporadic shows in the U.S.

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Track Name: I
will always remind you of guys
who never arrive there on time
I guess it was partly 'cause I
could never decide

I can always rely on my time
girls, they know why

All the way,
obviously over desire for love
I'm uninvolved wasting time

We, wilder than all things,
a life un-evolved where we fall to the side

be older than life by that time
and all there enlies

as honest and on it
will always rely on my will to survive

You were alone, so resolute for me
and I couldn't seem to find why

And just won't admit to myself again
that you might be right the whole time

And I can deny all I like
oh over and over I can't depend on myself for a night

My influence is otherwise
Track Name: You've Got Me Crazy
put your hands on me
i asked you please
not unless you mean it

i should have seen it in your eyes
the devil in disguise

put your heart in my hand
i told you no
not unless i keep it

you have a secret you cant hide
you have to say goodbye

you've got me crazy baby
thats what the call me
since you've been around

goes around comes around

thats what they say

you're gonna pay
till were even
saw through your deceiving

you tell me
to understand
but how can I let go
when everybody knows
you want me and it shows
Track Name: Melodramatic
gets so anticlimactic
you know you're so hot to me
even when you try not to be
as cold as your love is
the thrill is gone

my crew never choose down
always moving to the higher ground
the purist ought to be
the purest in thought to me
I'm cutting my losses
and you're my loss

to all the little bosses
the truth is
the world is gonna continue to spin
with or without the aid
of your little institution
but we're both still in denial
and its gonna be this way for a while

with more than one element of relevance
half perfect, like what happens when our legs lose confidence
boy, did you have me tricked
and the worst bit is
we were both in on it
you have now seen me up against more
than I have ever been before

ya catch me snoopin
like I was a detective
always on the case for a different perspective
but the time it takes to realize is
lost in pursuit of cracker-jack prizes

so who's cracking?
if you prize me?

and its easy enough for you to ignore it
till you're out of resources for it

and I can hear them now:
"he's a bore, so self-absorbed
can pimp himself as his own whore"
but our time together
there's too much to treasure

and its easy enough for you to ignore it
till you're out of resources for it

its like english
its arithmetic
its hidden in the spirit of the lyric
trust us, you'll know it
soon as you get your body near it
(let em know you hear it!)
Track Name: My Way
staring right in the light
the only star in a lonely bar
then without delay
i see you come my way

10 feet tall
a long shot for a humble heart
but it'll go my way
I see it everyday

stakes stay a mile high
my whole life on the line tonight
go my way
man, I need this go my way

blistering sun
who's worked so hard for the part so far
no matter what she say
you'll see it go my way

lost degrees
temperature is a measure of speed
but is it fair enough

for you to take me towards
a warm world full of wondering eyes
when they look our way
they gonna see us look away

I cannot pull
consistently unpredictable
or even rest assured
relying on a word
Track Name: Winter Waters
Buried under
Carried on
Carried over

Western boundaries
Eastern bound
Western border
Track Name: Fair-weather Friends
stay young
stay high
stay on top
stay high

friends can come
and friends can go
spring can make it shower girl
but your winter made it snow

cause all of those bonds we shared
they' weren't quite what they seemed
now we only speak in dreams

and no matter the words he spared
no matter the time he gave
cause thats just the way she rolls

now however the cards may fall
whatever the days may bring
whatever her man might say

so now
wherever her path may lead
as long as the rains they spill
however her heart may roam

from all of this world we shared

i still see her face in dreams

spring can make it shower girl
but your winter made me cold
you're not making me
you're not breaking me
don't you see it girl?, don't you see you're not fooling anyone
Track Name: Dog Loose in the Wood (Man Versus Mannequin)
Galloping horses and coyotes baying
in the wake of her exhaling.
And as the stars cool beneath the oceans,
there's a dog loose in the wood.

Gypsy, rehearse your calliope playing,
sparking our anticipating.
And as a fire moves Cassiopaea,
there's a dog loose in the wood.

Have you weighted me,
or lifted me,
or spread the wings you've gifted me?

All the king's horses are coiled in serpents.
I'm a man of no tomorrows.
But in the land of gilded sorrow,
there's a dog loose in the wood.

Straddling lapses of conciousness paling...
when the day greets such occasion,
I'm a gull who's gone a-gale-ing.
There's a dog loose in the wood.
Dance and sing.
Whisper and remember His Highness and the beggar,
and she whose name they found wrote within the ledger...
and how they never will forget her.
How the sun gets trumped when morning birds jump the gun.
Be aware of all yet subscribed to none.
All signs point to death because the nature of the game
requires it: man versus mannequin.
Track Name: A Dishonest Child
Just as you
were born to pursue
that which cannot be obtained

For me,
it's the burden of eternity
but you won't ever hear me complain

Instead I bled time back
by letting the setting sun
reach its way across our graves

and casting our shadows in randomized patterns
along the windowpanes

I come from a long line of men
who were legends within their own head
The most justice appeared
as those just disappeared
(the most justice appeared
when those just disappeared)

...with the enormous smile
of a dishonest child
(the most justice appeared
as those just disappeared)

When spring seems the coldest season of the year
and trees bear seed through their bark

Where secrets are revealed to the seekers
and men become kings of the dark
Track Name: After the Rain Came
She was an idol of impermanence
Boycotting joy
Boycotting joy

At some point she had well "lost her way"
or "disappeared into the balance"

After the rain came
After the rain came

...After all, not all
Of the kings campaigns
Were favored

And if the walls were for the rabid
Well, then the roof was for the rain

You'd have to take a few wrong turns to get there
Or ride with champagne flutes
Glaring behind luxury windshields

...From plucking the flowers
Cold grinding iron
Spilling reform onto paper
The distro to cup,
An approaching of flame
As the gods breathed fire

Wearing only temporary skin
With lines that ended in arches